Jan de Manol, family business since 1964

Jan de Manol began his family history with Jan ...Jan was born in the early twentieth century, in a house in the little village of Santa Llogaia d’Alguema, next to the river Manol, in the region of Alt Empordà, Girona. And so, with the affectionate nickname of Jan de Manol, our family began most of its history ever a few kilometers of Figueres, in the heart of the Costa Brava.

Growing up with the Tramontana, the characteristic wind which often blows in Alt Empordà, Evolved never too far from Figueres to enjoy family life to invite our rural landscapes, medieval villages and Roses Bay.

Thanks to the improved welfare, our grandparents had the opportunity to get some olive groves and forests, attracted by its lovely views and landscape of Veïnat Coquells, Vilanant. they were gathering together the plots until that currently form 265 hectares organic farm Can Genover, just 9 km from Figueres. The chapel of the twelfth century, the ancestral home of the XVIII century old besides several cottages of different ages, formed at that time the small neighborhood of Veïnat Coquells. With meadows, crops and herds managed by several families, a hard frost in the year 56 abruptly changed its viability, destroying their olive trees and the prosperous life of his neighborhood, causing rapid depopulation and leaving their abandoned land their fate.

Entering the XXI century, with the progress of agroecology, we had the chance to regain Can Genover viability, evolving at ecological management of their fields and flocks, supplemented with beekeeping, enhancing biodiversity their lands and enjoying the opportunity to restore a century-old farms, conditioning with care and affection the guest farm Mas Coquells, so Magali can accommodate their customers amateurs of nature and the countryside and the gastronomy, inviting them to taste the delicious menus prepared by Fabien with Bio farm products as well as wide range of local products offered by the sea and the countryside of the Empordà.

Already in the 60s, with the hope of enjoying the sea and the beach, the next generation has decided to move to the Roses Bay, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Near the center of Roses, they found a nice apartment building on the beach where enjoy the sea, starting a new tourist tradition of the family, renting apartments in summer. And so, in 2005, we decided to completely renovate the Stella Maris Costa Brava apartments to offer quality accommodation throughout the year, as according to the new customs of the XXI century.

Thirty years later, in the tourism boom of sun and sand 90, we decided to restore peace and tranquility of our holiday moving a few miles away, but in the heart of the Costa Barva. So we chose a more rural location with a historical and ancestral past, that took us to the the rural tourism house Casa Convent in the historic center of Peralada, a house in the old convent of nuns of Sant Bartomeu recently abandoned, and where the community of nuns lived for many years. After renewing and condition the property into a rural house, we are proud to offer our rural tourism Casa Convent Peralada to our guests and friends. An excellent opportunity for a relaxing holiday in the heart of the Costa Brava and only 6 kilometers from Figueres.

Mapa Mas Coquells Casa Convent Apartaments Stella Maris